Never had shit. Slept on the floor for 5

Never had shit. Slept on the floor for 5 years str8 while i stayed mixing yeah i sucked NOW WUT LUL!!!!!. Got told i sucked and hated on and bullied 24/7 even got jumped twice LUL for no fucking reasons i couldn’t even get laid LUL now everyone want’s a SLICE of nobody LUL. My best friend S even got robbed at knife point by the same clown. Now hes doing 5 AHAAHAHHA!!!! THAT’S KARMA. One day i Woke and said fuck this shit time 2 grind and make sacrifices. Time 2 eat shit and fail over and over again So i never gotta worry about NOTHING cuz i already WON. I took nothing made something out NOTHING Now I’m on a hole new level & domain. I’m ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN AND I’M ONLY HALF WAY UP WATCHING THE DOC SLICE ALL THESE PUNK KIDS SLICE SLICED DONE!!!! Opportunity’s are all over I’M INSPIRED!!!!! Deeply YA FEEL ME??? !!!!. Now i sleep comfortably. And I’m grateful I’m not living on the block in a card board box without any water or anything 2 eat REAL TALK. Everything I am is from failing over and over and over again and eating shit i love the struggle i welcome it. You can’t win if you never play or if you’re 2 scared 2 live SO ALL I GOTTA SAY IS FK IT JUST RIDE FLY!!!!! Everything I am and everything I do is from failing and eating shit over and over and inspiration ya know what I’m sizzayn? Now that i got the chance I’m inspiring the people i love 2 a hole new universe. REAL TALK


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