If you don’t know about backup’s and r

If you don’t know about backup’s and restoring from images i highly recommend you look into it. If you do things right you never need to reformat ever again. Only expectation is a new os version if you can’t upgrade to it or if you get malware. In the case of malware u should have a backup image to restore from anyways. Install all your apps for work. Editing apps. Music production apps. Games ect make a restore image with Acronis. With the speed of ssd’s now days and nvme drives at 2500MB/S and 3500MB/S Reformatting is a complete pointless waste of time. Everything boots so fast on ssd’s and nvme drives it never slows down overtime. If i had to reformat every time i did a hardware upgrade i’d be installing applications instead of working on music and getting work done. But by all means if you want to reformat every time you upgrade hardware go ahead it’s you’re choice i don’t recommend it. I got so many important projects i’m working on so i can’t and wont. Acronis is 50 bucks and well worth the time it saves. http://ow.ly/vGjz30egTIl


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