It’s nobody again back at it with this

It’s nobody again back at it with this clown announcement.
Apparently it’s easy to ruin your own legacy instantly in a laughable sad shitty Cypher.
Oh it’s that follower clown again. Marshall Clown Mathers.
The #1 SJW shitty rap clown of all time.
I actually use 2 respect you but now your just Marshall Clown Mathers AND THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!
Marshall Clown Mathers You’re lost and left and a sea of clown shit.
You’re the clown that Lost all his respect in 1 shitty clown cypher LUL!!!!!!!!
Talking about about fuck The President Donald Trump show some repsect to the President Mr.Trump
Marshall Clown Mathers Stop being a clown wake up.
Marshall Clown Mathers All you can rap about is lets ban all guns LUL fuck u Marshall Clown Mathers Wake up you’re asleep rapping about clown shit again.
Marshall Clown Mathers you ain’t shit but a clown right now you’re a clown ass follower period. WAKE UP you’re nothing but a sheep running of the cliff with a bunch of sheep.
You’re like all the left SJW PC clown’s talking about lets ban all the guns.
Talking about Lets take down all the statues and delete history.
Fuck you Marshall Clown Mathers and jimmy kimmel 2 cuz apparently you’re disconnected
You need a tutor u dumb fuck pop culture fucking sucks just like u Marshall Clown Mathers and jimmy kimmel. And all of clownhollywood.
LuL now you’re asleep and deleted history ohh the irony!!!
This shit is funny in sad you got owned by you’re self & nobody LUL.
How about that shit u clown fuck. Globalist 1 world government clown supporting war criminal’s obama the clown & hillary clown clinton.
LUL you’re time at the circus is over you’re done.
Take the L and go fuck you’re self with a 50cal and a mk47.
You lost and you’re clueless just like all the left clueless clowns.
Washed up in a sea of left clown shit.
You ain’t shit period but a dumb trend following clown.
Just like all the left you’ll never be right.
You’re disconnected with facts in reality asleep in the circus of clowns and sheep.
You’re a product of the Illuminati stuck in a shitty matrix rapping about the same clown shit over and over. And over it’s wack just like you and pop culture LUL
u can’t say nothing anymore.
You’re just a clown in the matrix on loop.
Listen you can’t rewrite history at end of you’re sad clown career u clown fuck.
I’m just nobody coming with a moment of truth.
I’m out I got more important things 2 do.
Then rap battle clueless lost left for nothing washed up wack ass clowns.
That can’t even rap Yo Marshall Clown Mathers go back to sleep u asheep bahhhhhhhhhh!!!


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